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Broken fingers, an Ann Summers Party & Cocktails!

Wey what a title that is! Broken fingers, an Ann Summers Party & Cocktails that's exactly how Mr Mixologist officially launched LOL!

Way before Mr Mix was even a thought it just little old Dan working in a bar serving treble vodkas and a can of Barr pop in pubs and clubs in Consett. I worked in those places for a good 2 – 3 years and it was some of the best. I gradually worked more days and ended up doing a lot of promotions with the managers, building up great bar experience and getting to know the nightlife of Consett!

Whilst working in Chaplains, I ended up creating cocktails... yes cocktails on Front Street in Consett (Who’d have thought it?) Now they weren’t anything special, but it gave me the basics of making and shaking some delicious cocktails and was the beginning of Mr Mix.

I taught myself everything I know to date by reading up online and watching YouTube videos and from this I played around while working behind the bar experimenting with flavours, adding creations as weekly specials to see what people thought of each drink I experimented with. One of my favourites is a weird concoction, a Willy Wonka themed cocktail called "Mint Fizzlewanger" don't ask about the name because I don't really know! one of the favourite was a Malibu slush that came in an array of flavours from Raspberry to Kiwi they went down a storm especially over the summer!

Now then getting into the title of the blog... I had a bad accident at work, where I fell down the cellar, crushed and broke my fingers on my right hand by pulling the hatch down on my right hand!!!

Wey man this was a balls up and I ended up being off work for around 3 months looking back now that's nowt compared to the bloody lockdowns we've been in recently! But in that time, there was a need for Dan’s cocktails and I was asked to make cocktails at someone's house for their Ann Summer’s party, so I did, making cocktails one handed in a kitchen, being careful not to bang my poor crushed fingers haha.

Now some of you may have read that correctly and just skimmed over, so I will clear this this up for you… I did not break my fingers at an Ann Summer’s Party!

Anyway this is where Mr Mixologist started and snowballed to where it is today. After that party a lass asked me if I'd do her birthday, then someone from that party wanted me to do drink at theirs and then someone from there asked me to do drinks for them and i just thought ya nah what this would be a canny little business... So I spoke to a few of my mates and asked them what they thought and then there it was Mr Mixologist, the business was born!

it's 2021 and in November this year Mr Mix turns 7! YES 7 years old! With a year wiped out from Covid, prior to that I had Cocktail Parties happening all over the North East every weekend.

In my 2nd Year of Mr Mixologist I started providing services for businesses in hospitality to provide cocktail training, custom cocktail creations and training. Since then I have worked with over 30 businesses and many more brands in the Industry. From Gins to Vodka, Food to Drinks, Décor to behind the scenes I've done it all and have had an amazing time doing so! With everywhere starting to re open again I'll be starting postponed services again soon!

I have had the pleasure of working at so many lovely locations and meeting so many great people and the occasional nude butler! Its been amazing, Mr Mixologist continues to grow and I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds and it’s all thanks to my great following, fans and friends I have built along the way!


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