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Inside May's Tipples & Treats Box

Updated: May 17

Another month has passed and Aprils box was a hit with you all thanks for all of the feedback and pictures here's a few from the Mr Mix - Tipples & Treats Facebook group!

Now lets get to May's T&T...

You're probably wondering why you don't have print outs of what's in the box and the answer is simply cost and also a bonus of not having surplus packaging. Not having to print out hundreds of pages each month means I can use the money saved to invest in what goes into T&T. I hope you agree it's a canny switch!

May's box theme was Is it Blue or Is it Pink? And its a pretty cool theme, with the new branding revealed last month reverting to the recognisable Mr Mix Blues and Pinks this months box follows on from that giving you another packed one full of blue and pink and even a colour changing cocktail!

So lets get to it what ya got?

Beetroot Crisps

Millionaires Chocolate Shortbread

From the amazing Terrace Cupcakes

Triple Melon Lemonade

Pink Gin

Colour Changing Cocktail

Stainless Steel Straw Set

Cocktail Wax melt & Popcorn

Let me know what you think of May's Box and don't forget to share photos on your social media

#MrMixTipplesandTreats #DBMrMixologist

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