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I'm sick... Sick of the quality of cocktails that are going around right now!

So going forward I'm starting a little campaign and will call out these monstrosities! Starting with the Porn Star Martini, my god I feel queezy looking at them, something needs to be done so join me and #SayNoToShiteCocktails

As reported by on-trade specialist CGA Strategy, the Porn Star Martini is now the most ordered cocktail in UK restaurants, bars and pubs. So why on earth is it going out looking like dirty dish water!? Well I'll tell you something... you're doing yourself no favours!

Porn Star Martini; What exactly is it?

The Porn Star Martini probably the most successful cocktail of the 21st Century, created in 2002 by a guy called Douglas Ankrah at The Townhouse Bar in Knightsbridge, London. So the story goes' it was initially named the ‘Maverick Martini’, after a erm, dingy club in Cape Town, South Africa.

The way you're supposed to drink this cocktail can be considered quite sensual: you scoop out half a passion fruit, down a shot of decadent champagne and are then treated to a sweet and fruity cocktail. However if you're just your every day kinda Gal you shot the prosecco first or tip it in your drink and leave the passion fruit in the glass or pull a dodgy face when eating it then spittitng the pips and seeds all owa!

Check out these monstrosities going out looking like someone has just spat on the top of some orange juice then you really need to re-evaluate what you're serving and get some staff training in place!

Many recipes float around the internet for a Porn Star Martini however the best recipe and ingredients I would use to make a Porn Star Martini are:

25ml Passion Fruit Liqueur

25ml Vanilla Vodka

12.5ml Gomme/Sugar Syrup

75ml Orange Juice

50ml Passion Fruit Puree

Although every venue has their own variation, maybe that's where they are going wrong!

If you need help perfecting your Porn Star's then head over to www.mrmixologist.co.uk check out the Bar Consultancy page and get in touch, I'd love to help you foam those drinks properly!

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