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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Well after the first #SayNoToShiteCocktails blog went live I’ve had comments and messages all owa!

And it’s not just me that’s noticed the diabolical quality of drinks out there! People have been coming up to me and telling me the places that serve these drinks and its just upsetting me as one thing I strive to do is give the best drinks ever and isn’t this what they should be doing, seen as though it’s the Goddamn industry they are in!? Fools!

So that leads us on to the next cocktail that is being served looking like it’s a vase of mint that has been sat there for the past 4 weeks! Or in some cases again a glass of piss!

Anyhoo the cocktail we’re gonna look at and thanks to some photos submissions is the Mojito.

So firstly, what is a Mojito?

The Dictionary defines its as:

Noun: A cocktail consisting of white rum, lime juice, sugar, mint, ice, and carbonated or soda water.

The history of it; well can get a little confusing as there is many a debate over the origins of the drink. So I’ll let you make your minds up on that after a little research; but basically it was either created at La Bodeguita del medio in Havana, Cuba OR Sir Francis Drake landed in Havana to sack the city of its gold, his crew had scurvy and dysentery so they went ashore to find some medicine and came back with aye you guessed it Mojito ingredients that would create a tonic style drink to cure them.

But that’s canny boring! Back to the Shite Cocktails eh!? I never liked history to be fair!

The Mojito Recipe is as follows and just like the Porn Star Martini I talked about in the last #SayNoToShiteCocktails Blog has variations depending on where you go or who makes it.

50/60ml White Rum

Mint leaves – to taste but around 10 should do the job

Sugar – Granulated/Caster/Demerara

4 Lime Wedges

Soda Water


That’s just the traditional recipe but for those of you who have had Mojitos from me before know that traditional isn’t my thing. However I like to stay as close to that traditional taste as possible, so I played with the recipe and cut out some ingredients to come up with the recipe that suits me, my ways of work and my customer…

50ml White Rum

10 mint leaves (propa fresh big ones)

25ml Lime Juice

Dash of Lemonade


Now that just me, and I’ve made this drink now for 6 years or so and it goes down a treat, it has room for adding additional ingredients or going back to the traditional for those that love soda. It takes less time to make than the traditional recipe and is hard to get wrong.

The traditional recipe (the googled one – which so many bloody bars do!) can go tits up very easily by over muddling, poor ingredients, untrained staff, shaking it (PLEASE DON’T!) and a few other variations. The majority of places that get this wrong muddle the fuck out of the leaves and lime – it breaks my heart! And don’t get me started on the pansies slapping and wafting the mint around – mate just leave it, you’ve not done that much to make the aroma waft round, you’d be best scrubbing it on the customers top lip…..

Anyway, let’s just stop this blog there and take a look at some of the shite cocktails being put out there! 3 mint leaves, bitter as fuck or even mouthwash style premixed shite!

If you need help perfecting your Mojito’s then head over to www.mrmixologist.co.uk check out the Bar Consultancy page and get in touch, I'd love to help you foam those drinks properly!

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