The EGG HUNT came from one of Mr Mixologist's ideas of bring the community and local businesses together, the first event was in Easter 2016 and saw 11 local Consett businesses come together and fund a free community event for the people of Consett.

Dan AKA Mr Mixologist put the event together in little under two weeks and had an amazing response from the public; with the event being attended by almost 250 people!

2020 saw THE EGG HUNT come to a halt, but revive in 2021 as THE EGG DROP and Mr Mix dress up as the Easter bunny!

With the support of 20 businesses after a struggling year of their own helped me deliver 100 Easter baskets packed with sweets, crafts and games for kids in Consett!

2024 see's The EGG HUNT back again with numerous efforts to fundraise for the event; from Business Sponsorship, Amazon Wishlist and Supermarket collections in Morrisons & Tesco.

HOW you can help...


You can donate to the event by giving a cash donation through the Mr Mix secure link. 

The reason we don't have a Just Giving page is due to the amount of charges they take. You can buy a £5, £10, £20, £50 or £100 donation.

All donations are used to purchase Easter Eggs, Toys, sweets and Refreshments to give out on THE EGG HUNT.


You can also buy items from The EGG HUNT Amazon wish list which is full of toys, crafts and other items that will be given out on the day.

These come directly to Mr Mix and as always go out on the day of The EGG HUNT for the kids on the day of the event.

BUsiness sponsorship

Option 1 - £20 Cash Donation & 3 x voucher from your business - A shout out of thanks in the event on Facebook

Option 2 - £50 Cash Donation & voucher from your business - As above plus you logo on the business sponsor posters

Option 3 - £100 Cash donation - As above with your logo displayed on Mr Mix’s social media and website event page plus option to have flyers/promo media out on the day!

How the egg hunt works...

Mr Mix and his team of volunteers will be hidden at iconic locations across Consett and your job is to find them!

A Map of the locations will be available for the event then a photo of the location and clues will be revealed of the location to help you find them with a table packed full of Easter Eggs and Prizes! 

You’ll have to be quick though! Each location will be live for approximately 1 hour before we move to the next location.

Prizes are given out as fairly as possible encouraging everyone to take fairly from the table ensuring all children get an equal amount of prizes! The same goes for adults!

Have a look at previous years photos!

I hope you can join in!