Serving you cocktail realness for your business!

From bespoke cocktail menu creation and product recommendation to secret shoppers. I can offer a range of bar consultancy services. Whether you’re opening a new venue or you want to make a simple change to your existing business, I'm here to help you make your venue the best it can be.

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Excite and interest your staff in cocktails​ while putting your business ahead of the competition in doing so will Increase revenue and your customer base.


I train your staff and work alongside your team until you feel they are ready to go it alone.


The cocktail market is continuing to grow, so there is significant lost revenue from serving poor quality cocktails or not serving cocktails at all.

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Staff Training & Development


A training program allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. This helps reduce any weak links within the company who rely heavily on others to complete basic work tasks.


I can look at and develop systems and tactics to enhance the guest experience and implement those through training sessions.


Look after and nurture your staff and they will return it!

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A secret shopper or myself would visit your venue and evaluate the staff, service and quality of drinks from start to finish.


This can also have any additional areas you would like to be checked such as food standards or hotel rooms.


I will send you a full report of the findings and are suggestions on how to improve the service and work closely with you to aid in the improvements

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Brand Rep

From the second highest market town in England
where Mr Mixologist was born to the Toon, I will be your North East Advocate and the go to person to take your brand on a whole new journey.

If you are looking for brand representation in the
North East then look no further, with over 16 years of
knowledge & background in the industry plus a
harem of connections I can help you:

Activate accounts | Promote your brand
Provide masterclasses
Undertaking staff training | Organise events
Offer promotions

I will work with close co-ordination with your existing
team to develop the main areas a brand wants to achieve.

I will use your brands current perfect serves or I can
develop new ones right up to creative and intriguing
cocktails that will excite both the On and Off Trade.
Everything I will do for your brand will be with passion, excitement and love for the industry.

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Dog & Parrot, NCL

The best mixologist I have worked with! Dan created a whole new menu for us, he followed the brief we gave him and he created us some instagrammable cocktails which is exactly what we wanted for our newly refurbished 2nd floor here at The Dog & Parrot

Creative Drinks, easy to understand.

Funny and learnt so much from Dan


The Old Court House, Co. Durham

Since the very start of reopening The OC Dan played a pivotal part in the successful re launch. From general knowledge of management, staff training, ensuring high standards delivered. To carrying out full staff training and aiding in setting up drinks menus whilst considering Margins etc.. He always had and ensured his high standards were met at work and when managing staff.

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Sweetharts, Co. Durham

Dan came to my bistro to impliment a custom cocktail and mocktail menu. He delivered training with the team taht was simple and easy to follow as the team had zero experience in cocktail making and everyone loved it. The menu was something that set us aside from every other bistro in the area. Id definitely recommend!

Raspberry Ripple